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Testing is a crucial part of any software development process. It helps ensure that the software being developed meets the required quality standards and is bug-free. Here are at least four reasons why you should consider using X-AutoMate for your testing needs.

Poor Quality Testing

The AI/ML capabilities of the application can help to provide efficient testing and reduce the number of manual errors, streamlining the testing process and improving the overall quality of the data.

Unclear Test Goals

X-AutoMate is capable of scanning metadata to propose recommended tests, streamlining the testing process by providing guidance to testers.

Production Incidents

X-AutoMate helps to shift left, detecting issues early in the development process and reducing the risk of production incidents.

Slow testing

Scheduling and automatic test executions enable faster testing, reducing the time required for delivering new features and allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of software development life cycle.

Experience the possibilities of our app, and see how it can revolutionize your data testing and quality assurance processes.

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Technical Features

We offers flexible and scalable deployment options, making it easy to integrate with existing systems. With a mature API, monitoring and reporting systems, data export to GIT features, and compatibility with multiple database technologies, it is a solution for efficient data testing that supports external tests and is easily extensible.

Business Benefits

We respects your privacy while also delivering reliable results. X-AutoMate scans connected databases, executes test cases and data quality rules, and allows for easy export to GIT. Scheduling capabilities streamline the testing process and ensure timely execution. With all the tools you need to ensure your data is accurate and reliable, our app provides efficient data testing and data quality measurements.

We don’t store any client data.

System Integration

X-AutoTest streamlines the data testing workflow by combining tickets with test cases and data quality rules, resulting in a consistent process. With bi-directional synchronization and integration with AzureDevOps, Jira, Active Directory, SMTP, 1Password, and GIT, it offers seamless collaboration, increased efficiency, and added security. 

Monitoring And Reporting

The reporting and monitoring features of our app provide a comprehensive solution for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data in your warehouse. Whether you need to keep track of coverage, generate reports, or receive notifications, our app is here to help. 

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Our team has over 20 years of experience in software development, data warehousing and IT operations. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a high quality service and ensuring the highest quality of your data. At the heart of our business is a focus on data quality and testing, which we believe is necessary to make accurate decisions.
We are committed to providing innovative solutions, superior customer service and the highest level of expertise to meet your software development and IT needs.

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